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Dimensions -  1 1/2" Truffle Floating Frame , W28" x H63"

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Elevate your space with this exquisite artwork, poised to grace your walls in timeless elegance.

Rendered in a soft palette dominated by gold tones, the painting features Rosina adorned in a flowing white blouse with delicate ruffles and a warm pink skirt that exudes femininity.

Her pose suggests a playful contemplation, while golden highlights accentuate her blouse and hair.

Subtle floral accents add romanticism.

Set against a muted background, this piece combines classical techniques with depth.

Displayed on a floating canvas in Truffle tone, it becomes an instant focal point.

Perfect for those who appreciate art that resonates on both visual and emotional levels.


C$1,295.00 Regular Price
C$995.00Sale Price
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